BRAINTIGHT, LLC is a Holistic Coaching School that seeks to enrich lives by providing the relevant skills needed to unlock latent abilities designated to help clarify and fulfill one’s life purpose. Ideally, it is challenging for people to share their struggles with anyone or even ask for help. Self- infliction and self-imposed limitations can cripple one’s ability to DISCOVER their purpose and ACHIEVE a Holistic way of life. Acknowledging that we are free from restrictions allows us to receive new opportunities, while creating a gratifying, spiritual path full of awareness and self-discovery.

Kevin Kemp, born and raised in Richmond, Va. became incredibly interested in entrepreneurship at an early age.Kev With Cloud Even during the course of his achievements; completing High School and graduating from Virginia Union University, the visionary was thirsty for more. After struggling, for nearly 15 years, with personal challenges of his own, Kevin realized that it was time to get clear about his Purpose. Kevin decided to record a list of attributes he aspired to improve on, but at the end of the day, became overwhelmed with the reality of it all. As a result, Kevin invented a “single word” that would embrace every question, every problem, and every solution- it would be a roadmap for personal transformation. The word “BrainTight” incorporated all of his personal attributes and helped him DISCOVER his passion and purpose.

This process of personal transformation helps you gain clarity plus develop habits and disciplines that lead to discovering and fulfilling your purpose. Being “BrainTight” instead of “BrainLoose” is the only adequate solution for balancing work, play, and rest. BrainLoose or distorted thoughts, actions or relationships have proven destructive to purpose and the ability to find peace within. Kevin’s BrainTight philosophy teaches Holistic life skills to those who want more out of life. With a background in Real Estate and Home Improvement, the Life Coach Guru is especially noted for his work with at-risk youth and troubled adults. And, with his community outreach expertise, Mr. Kemp’s life purpose is to train people on ways to be successful in all aspects of life.

“Follow the Cloud, Get BrainTight” is the saturating foundation for our Holistic Life Coaching School. In the “Cloud”, there is a network of professionals and resources that are committed to helping you get BrainTight. As a part of this revolutionary life-changing movement, it will transform you and your child’s lives forever. BrainTight for youth offers amazing benefits, to include coaching, mentoring, motivational speaking, interactive seminars or workshops, and much more on a variety of youth-related topics. Our network of inspiring life coaches are dedicated to liberating the skills that every child needs to FOCUS and to empower positive change, which ultimately helps to ACHIEVE a purposeful future.

A Few Interesting Attributes About Kevin Kemp:

• Having worked in corporate environments, and managed several companies… Kevin possesses a rare level of flexibility and compatibility when working with a wide range of people and tasks.
• Many of his friends look to Kevin as a peacemaker because of his keen ability to listen and give valuable feedback from an unbiased point of view.
• While his swag is laid back and relaxed… his passion for personal growth and forward movement is contagious. Anyone who hangs around him for any length of time is certain to be inspired by his deep sense of purpose and destiny.
• Because of his analytical and process-centered approach to problem solving… he’s an ideal partner if you need help assessing whether or not you’re off course, and how to make corrections.
His goal is to make a difference in the mindsets of individuals and therefore affect communities and the world as a whole in a purpose-driven manner.