1. What is the mission or purpose of BrainTight? To bring everyone under one mind to know you can’t achieve success and personal fulfillment on your own. You need a positive network to help you and BrainTight being the largest person to person social success network in the world. It is a disservice to you, your family and community by not getting involved in BrainTight because certain areas of life will remain being BrainLoose which is the root of failure and personal dysfunction.

2. How can BrainTight help me or my family? BrainTight is all about planning, setting goals and becoming one mind on the same page. These are some things that you and your family must do in order to be successful. It is difficult to achieve success alone and without a network to supply information or a helping hand when needed. BrainTight will give you access to a network that can help you and your family by clarifying your plans around “The BrainTight 7 Focuses.”

3. What does BrainTight mean? BrainTight means to focus on a positive purpose by eliminating worldly distractions in order to achieve success and personal fulfillment in every aspect of life.

4. What does BrainLoose mean? BrainLoose means to be unfocused and in a mental comfort zone that is easily distracted from sticking to or setting goals/plans leading to procrastination and mediocrity.

5. Where did the word BrainTight come from? BrainTight is a word that came to the founder through a divine vision and revelation after months of meditation on what he needed to do in order to improve himself and his community at 3:00 am. Life can be very complex and challenging when you focus on everything that’s in the world. BrainTight make everything simple because you become to know who you are when you get BrainTight.

6. What is the power behind BrainTight Social Success Networking Sessions (group discussions)? Everyone has a purpose and these group discussions help define and clarify the answer to your purpose by thinking and talking out your purpose. They allow everyone an opportunity to express themselves and to be heard. It’s not healthy to keep things bottled up and the design of these group discussions allow you to have the release that everyone needs in order to keep or form the proper mindset and positive faith of dream can come true. There is a saying that goes “What you talk about schedules your next season.” Basically saying if you talk about nothing, you get nothing. If you talk about positivity and success, that’s what you’ll get.

7. Is BrainTight a outreach organization? Yes it is. The founder always says BrainTight is not about him. BrainTight was built on the foundation of giving back and helping others. By being a member of BrainTight everyone has the opportunity to give back and help others by what they say and introducing everyone they come in contact with to get BrainTight. The goal of BrainTight has always been extending services and benefits to a wider section of the population, as in charity work, community work and helping people get BrainTight (focused on their positive purpose).

8. For all that someone receives from being a member of BrainTight, why is its membership so reasonable? First of all everyone must invest in themselves in order to grow. This $20 monthly investment in yourself or a family member leads to mentoring, counseling, consulting, coaching, exposure to new ideas and concepts, knowledge and a network. By the format of BrainTight, you get all these benefits anonymously along with The BrainTight Text message system that keeps you focused on your positive purpose and create success habits with its daily tips. So the reason the membership is so reasonable is to provide services that “everyone” can afford.

9. How is BrainTight the most influential word ever created? By utilizing the concept of BrainTight you can achieve anything. Anytime you learn something new, you’re getting BrainTight. So, if anyone is preaching, teaching, coaching, mentoring, counseling, consulting, empowering, enlightening, motivating or inspiring they’re getting people BrainTight. Everything is wrapped up in this one word no matter what you’re looking to accomplish. In order to get a raise, start a business, raise children, get healthy, have a successful marriage or relationship, make good grades, make good decision and the list goes on forever, you must be BrainTight. That is the power of the group discussions, everyone has an opportunity to get each other BrainTight and no one is never too young or old to learn or knows everything. All these avenues of learning are associated and intended to expose everyone to the positive possibilities of life. Being a member of BrainTight helps each person in more ways than they could ever know.

10. What is the importance of being a part of a BrainTight Social Success Network? Because your network determines your net worth. Many people don’t have a network that can empower them but rather disenfranchise them by keeping them content with a stagnant unproductive mindset. Once you’re a member of BrainTight you can attend any group or chapter you like to grow your network and be exposed to a wealth of information and BrainTight individuals there to help you make your dreams come true.